A Guide to Permitted Development When Extending Your Home

If you’ve been thinking about extending your property in Cheshire, navigating the intricacies of planning permission can be a daunting task. However, you may have already heard the term ‘permitted development rights’. Fortunately, this national grant offers a way to enhance your home in some cases, without the need for long-winded approvals. In this guide, we’ll provide an overview of the rules and regulations related to permitted development rights in Cheshire, shedding light on what you can and cannot undertake without formal planning permission.

What Are Permitted Development Rights?

Permitted development rights are a set of regulations that allow homeowners to carry out certain works, without the requirement of full planning permission. These rights are in place to ensure that changes meet regional planning policies, while reducing the time-intensive burden on homeowners. There are certain standards that must be met in order to comply and each country within the UK provides their own set of compliance rules. You can find a complete breakdown of these rights as they relate to Cheshire here.

Do I need planning permission for a house extension?

Not always no. Below is a brief overview of the guidelines required for each project. You can find a complete breakdown of these rights as they relate to Cheshire here

Single-Storey Rear Extensions

Single-storey extensions, from full width extensions and side extensions can be built out to 3 metres for any terraced or semi detached home, and 4 metres for detached, without the need for a full planning application. This flexibility enables you to expand your living space, whether it’s a larger, open plan kitchen extension, dining area, or additional room.

Single-Storey Side Extensions

The rules here are much the same as a rear extension. There is no current restriction to how far you can extend out to your boundary with the neighbours, however it is still a good idea to discuss this change with your neighbours beforehand.

Two-Storey Extensions

Providing the build does not take up more than 50% width of the original house, or 50% of the original land around the house, two-storey extensions can be built at the rear of a property. Again, the 3 and 4 metre rules, as they apply to single-storey extensions, apply here too.

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What You Can't Do Without Planning Permission

While permitted development rights do provide relative freedom, there are still limitations to what you can undertake without formal planning permission:

Wrap-Around Extensions

This high-demand type of extension does not fall under your permitted development rights but instead are assessed individually as two extensions, meaning two sets of criteria must be met. Although a small wrap-around extension may be possible under the rights, it is unlikely to meet all criteria.

Flats and Newer Homes

Ground floor flats are not able to add an extension to the property and some new developments had these rights revoked at the agreement of their initial building.

Houses in Designated Areas

Cheshire is a beautiful county with a rich architectural heritage, and it’s important to note that permitted development rights can vary depending on your location within the county. Certain areas like Cheshire, with a large number of conservation areas and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs), may have stricter rules and regulations in place to preserve the character and beauty of the region. Even minor changes may necessitate planning permission in these areas.

Before starting any project, it’s important to check the guidance from your local authority and discuss with your extension company of choice. Choosing Cheshire Joinery and Kitchens means choosing a team that understands the intricacies of permitted development and planning permission in Cheshire. Our unparalleled quality and experience allows us to create extensions that not only maximise your living space but turn your vision to life.

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